Strategic Marketing Approach

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The Anca Group's takes a systematic approach to help its clients achieve the greatest possible brand and marketing results. Our strategic marketing approach takes a step-by-step process through the following phases:

  1. Audit & Assessment
  2. Strategy & Plan Development
  3. Execution & Evaluation

Let's take a look at each phase in some detail.

Audit & Assessment - Phase 1

During the Audit & Assessment phase, we:

  1. Perform in-depth research and analyses into needs, goals, objectives, budget, and market.
  2. Gain a sound understanding of the current situation and position.
  3. Take a deep dive into each of the following areas:
    • Market Analysis, Including Situation & Competitive Analyses
    • Marketing Strategy & Plan Analysis
    • Tactical Marketing Analysis, Including Offline, Online, Digital, and Content Marketing Programs & Assets
    • Brand Analysis
    • Sales-Marketing Alignment Analysis
    • Organizational-Marketing Alignment Analysis

Strategy & Plan Development - Phase 2

In the Strategy & Plan Development phase, we:

  1. Synthesize internal and external findings, insights, and analyses from the phase to develop a custom brand and marketing strategy and plan.
  2. Identify and evaluate opportunities both individually and collectively in light of needs, goals, objectives, and budget.
  3. Weigh those opportunities that have the highest probability of achieving the goals and objectives while maximizing the budget to form the basis for the brand and marketing strategy.
  4. Create a detailed branding and marketing plan to achieve and execute the strategy.
  5. Gain feedback and buy-in on the proposed strategic decisions and recommendations.

Execution & Evaluation - Phase 3

In the final Execution & Evaluation phase, we:

  1. Work together to deliver the branding and marketing plan.
  2. Monitor and evaluate the results of both the strategy and plan to ensure goals and objectives are being met on budget. 
  3. Make adjustments to the strategy and plan as necessary to ensure that goals and objectives are not just met, but exceeded. 

Tailored Marketing Approach

While our strategic marketing approach is our preferred process and has proven results that have exceeded clients' expectations time and again, we appreciate that each client's needs, goals, objectives, budgets, and situations differ, and we have delivered great results for clients using modified or alternative approaches that better fit the client or situation.

The most important step in working together is to gain clarity and agreement on needs, goals, objectives, and budget up front. With that foundation laid, The Anca Group can still serve as a strategic guide and partner to help its clients achieve outstanding results. 

To learn more about The Anca Group's work, visit our pricing guide and our portfolio of medical branding and marketing work.

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