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Blogging Take 2: Story Time 0

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Ashley Libby
Brand & Marketing Strategist | Principal & Founder, The Anca Group


Anyone visiting my main blog page will likely notice a significant gap in time between my first attempt at blogging and this post.

It's true. I tried it. I wasn't feeling it. I stopped. And now I'm back.   

What's changed?

Well, I found my purpose in writing.

Blogging's tough - daunting - when you're not passionate about or inspired by something. Even when you are, it can feel like a one-way conversation, which, if you value people, interaction, and relationships, can be rough - really ROUGH. And there's so much stuff - good and not so - flying around out there in the 'blogosphere' - so big, it has it's own universe. So why would anyone be interested in my blog?  

Which brings me to my point - my purpose:


It's that simple.

Stories are so incredibly powerful. They're how we learn from and about people. They're how we share, relate, and connect. They teach us lessons, give us knowledge and understanding, and perhaps most importantly, they inspire us and give us hope.

What could be more important - today or ever? 

Learning. Real connections and relationships. Hope and inspiration.

So I'm going to tell stories - stories about people, organizations, and events that have meaning. My hope is that these stories will help others - through a lesson, a connection, or a bit of inspiration.

Of course, I'm a marketing person with a passion for branding and strategy, so in all likelihood, many of my stories will relate back to corporate identity, organizational purpose, and marketing. But they won't be another 'how to' session.

Blah. Boring. Give me something real. Give me a story. 

What do you think? Do you have any stories about people, organizations, or events you find inspiring? SHARE THEM WITH ME! Tell me why they are compelling through an email, a tweet, a post, or a comment below. Better yet, pick up the phone, call me, and tell me a story.  

Thought? Comments? Questions?


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