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Ashley Libby
Brand & Marketing Strategist | Principal & Founder, The Anca Group


In my last couple of posts, I've written about getting back into the marketing saddle and my personal experience and perspective related to healthcare, medicine, and marketing. I think it's high time I explain my purpose of blogging in this post.

You see, with all blogs out there and so much content being pumped out on a daily basis, there has to be a reason to contribute more to the ever-growing pool.

Let me start by backing up a little.

Last week, I attended a timely Hinge Marketing Webinar entitled, A Proven, Strategic Model for Successful Content Marketing. In the Webinar, Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, described six steps to building a successful content platform that drives business - something far easier said than done. 

Of the six steps, one really stuck with me: Content Tilt. 

It's pretty easy to write content about mostly anything, from the most common and seemingly mundane topics to the most specialized and scientific subjects. But how do you make that content feel like your own? And more importantly, how do you make that content something special that people will not only consume and share, but also crave?

According to Joe, the answer is Content Tilt.

So what is Content Tilt? 

I'll say it this way: It's applying your 'special sauce' to a subject matter in which you have particular knowledge or skill AND passion. (Joe, I hope I did Content Tilt justice with that.)

Great. Now what?

Content Tilt should naturally drive the guiding purpose (or mission) of our content. It should be reflected in all of the content we produce, and it should create a unique experience for the audience of that content. 

Coming back to my purpose of blogging and adding to the ever-growing pool of content, what's my Content Tilt? 

Simply, providing unique insights to inspire and lead healthcare providers, doctors included, practices, and companies to consistently deliver exceptional patient experiences and outcomes. 

Why? I care deeply about exceptional patient experiences and outcomes, not only as a patient, but as a marketer. They are the foundation of great care, as well as a trusted and successful healthcare brand and business. 

So stay tuned for blend of stories, ideas, and lessons learned (personally and professionally) in the art and science of creating and delivering exceptional patient experiences and outcomes.

I would like to extend a big thanks to Hinge for putting on this Webinar and a big thanks to Joe for your insights and inspiration. If you're into content marketing, I recommend watching the Webinar here and looking out for Joe's new book, Content Inc., coming out this fall. I know I'm looking forward to reading it! 

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