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A Major Brand Rescinding Facebook Likes! That Should Get 'Em Talking. 0

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Ashley Libby
Brand & Marketing Strategist | Principal & Founder, The Anca Group


In the day and age when brands care so much about Facebook likes that they are willing to go to great lengths to ever-generate more, a brand vowing to rescind likes is UNHEARD of...

... until now.

That's just what Kraft Foods' brand Grey Poupon just started doing yesterday, thanks to their genius advertising agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B).

Genius? Yeah. Genius.

Why? Need I say it again? Because it's UNHEARD of. It's unexpected. It breaks a mold, a pattern, a modern-day schema that any brand would want to advertise that they are going to turn away Facebook fans, much less do it.

What's so great about all of that?

It's a conversation starter. It gets people talking. It fuels and flames word of mouth marketing. What all of us marketers want.

Let's dissect at Grey Poupon's New Facebook Ad Campaign and see just what makes it so great.

The campaign is designed to bolster Grey Poupon's elite brand of mustard that has been around for ages. But today, instead of passing Grey Poupon in and amongst Rolls Royces and wealthy French men, Grey Poupon has done what no other brand had dared to, never mind thought of - vow to rescind Facebook likes of those that don't live up to its standards.


Here's how it works: Submit an application through an app on the brand's Facebook page. The brand will review your Facebook profile to see if it's up to snuff - looking at everything from grammar, punctuation, and number of friends to quality of posts, likes, and taste. If they like what they see, the application is approved and exclusive membership is granted. If not, your Facebook like is rescinded and you're left out in the cold with your yellow French's.   

Think it's bad for business? Think it will turn people away?

I'm going to put my bet on NO.

Why? Because what this campaign will most certainly do is get people talking about something as mundane as mustard. (Yeah, even snobby mustard with a rich brand history is pretty boring most days.)

People that are worthy of a membership will talk. People that feel jilted will talk. Friends will talk. People around the lunch table eating ham and cheese sandwiches with mustard will talk. Marketers will talk. 

And people will talk with the brand - as they have been NONSTOP since this whole thing started. Wisely, Grey Poupon is on Facebook engaging the unhappy fans in a manner befitting the old Rolls Royce characters and turning frowns of rejected fans upside down, claiming their papers must have been shuffled or their Good Taste algorithm was malfunctioning at the time and asking them to reapply in a bit.     

So GOOD on you, Kraft Foods, Grey Poupon team, and CP+B! Anyone else ready to settle in with me and watch this one unfold?

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