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In my last couple of posts, I've written about getting back into the marketing saddle and my personal experience and perspective related to healthcare, medicine, and marketing. I think it's high time I explain my purpose of blogging in this post.

You see, with all blogs out there and so much content being pumped out on a daily basis, there has to be a reason to contribute more to the ever-growing pool.

Let me start by backing up a little.

Last week, I attended a timely Hinge Marketing Webinar entitled, A Proven, Strategic Model for Successful Content Marketing. In the ...

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A Unique Perspective on Healthcare, Medicine & Marketing 0

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I grew up watching my stepfather crawl to the bathroom on his hands and knees. There were times he would spend weeks on the floor, managing his construction business from 'bed' on the upstairs level of our Vermont home.

Before I ever met him, he had 'broken his back' twice. The first time, he fractured a vertebra in his lumbar spine falling off the back of a snowmobile on ski patrol at Stratton Mountain, VT. The second time he fractured a vertebra, he hit a downed tree lying across a trail, again on ski patrol at Stratton, but this time on skis.

I also watched as his orthopaedic ...

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Getting Back in the Marketing Saddle 1

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I was having a conversation with Liz Harr from Hinge, a professional services marketing firm, yesterday. I had watched their Webinar on Visible Experts last week and took them up on an offer for a free consultation.

Their Webinar and research had piqued my interest, and marketing is hard, especially one's own, so why not get their opinion?

Liz had reviewed my website and my online marketing efforts in advance of our call. Partway through our conversation, looking at my Speaking page, she observed, "Looks like you've been gone for while."

Wow. Sure enough, it does.

The ...

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90% of Conversations Still Happen Offline and Other Lessons from "The Face-to-Face Book" 0

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In September, I read and reviewed THE FACE-TO-FACE BOOK by Ed Keller and Brad Fay of Keller Fay Group for the WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) Book Club.

This book is a MUST READ for marketers, advertisers, small business people, corporate leaders, non-profit organizations, and everyone in between. It seems that we have started to think that the world became social with the advent of Facebook and other social media networks. WRONG. Humans have always been social. We are inherently social beings. We have ALWAYS conversed, shared, related, and told ...

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Anatomy of a Connected Organization 0

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Mission = Fundamental Purpose

+ A mission establishes a picture of the future.

+ It defines how a vision will be achieved.

+ It forms or creates a bridge between the organization and its customers.

Vision = Desired Future State

+ A vision states the organization's intentions.

+ It defines the fundamental objective and strategic direction of the organization.

+ It sets a long-term view.

Values = Shared Beliefs

+ Values are beliefs shared among an organization's stakeholders.

+ ...

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Foundation of a Rock Solid Corporate Identity 0

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For organizations and brands that want to connect with their current and desired stakeholders and customers, developing a rock solid, crystal clear corporate identity is crucial - starting with well-defined mission, vision, and values statements. 

Why? An organization's mission, vision, and values tell everyone:

+ Who the organization is (and isn't).

+ What the organization does (and doesn't do).

+ Where the organization is going.

+ What the organization's future holds.

+ What inspires the organization.

And, finally...

+ ...

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Lessons from Medical Device Panel on Effective Marketing-Sales Training Partnerships 0

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I was invited to join a speaker panel at the inaugural MEDICAL DEVICE & DIAGNOSTICS TRAINERS SUMMIT 2012 in Princeton, NJ this week. The meeting, an event of THE SOCIETY OF PHARMACEUTICAL AND BIOTECH TRAINERS (SPBT), was a forum for sales trainers, learning and development professionals, and product managers to learn and discuss effective methods of developing medical device and diagnostics sales reps.

Having spent years in marketing with medical device companies like DePuy Orthopaedics, Smith & Nephew Endoscopy, MicroAire Surgical Instruments, and Spine Wave and organizing, ...

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Lessons for Modern Business Leaders from "Social Business by Design" 0

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This August, I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing the new book, SOCIAL BUSINESS BY DESIGN: TRANSFORMATIVE STRATEGIES FOR THE CONNECTED COMPANY by Dion Hinchcliffe and Peter Kim of the Dachis Group, for the new WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) Book Club.

For the modern business leader looking to take advantage of the talent and knowledge of the world at large, to get the most from his or her organization, and to innovate, there are great lessons to be learned from the Hinchcliffe's and Kim's "Ten Tenets of Social Business" and the stories they ...

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Top 10 Things Brand Advocates Will Do for Your Business from the New Book "Brand Advocates" 0

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This week, I tuned into a valuable Webinar about brand advocates hosted by WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) and featuring Rob Fuggetta of Zuberance and author of the new book BRAND ADVOCATES: TURNING ENTHUSIASTIC CUSTOMERS INTO A POWERFUL MARKETING FORCE

According to Fuggetta, here are the top 10 things that brand advocates will do for your business:

1. Become your unpaid, highly influential, and credible sales team / referral source.

2. Give quality, positive, authentic reviews.

3. Provide valued testimonials.

4. ...

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A Major Brand Rescinding Facebook Likes! That Should Get 'Em Talking. 0

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In the day and age when brands care so much about Facebook likes that they are willing to go to great lengths to ever-generate more, a brand vowing to rescind likes is UNHEARD of...

... until now.

That's just what Kraft Foods' brand Grey Poupon just started doing yesterday, thanks to their genius advertising agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B).

Genius? Yeah. Genius.

Why? Need I say it again? Because it's UNHEARD of. It's unexpected. It breaks a mold, a pattern, a modern-day schema that any brand would want to advertise that they are going to turn ...

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