Medical Practices that Have Selected Anca

Atlanta Vanguard Medical Associates
Every Woman Wellness
NationalRad Specialists in Diagnostic Imaging
Neurology Psychiatry and Balance Therapy Center
Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Center
Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Clinic
Skyview Family Medicine
Teens & Tots Pediatrics

Medical Practice Clients

Atlanta Vanguard Medical Associates

Internal Medicine & Cardiology Practice - Smyrna, GA

Atlanta Vanguard Medical Associates is an internal medicine and cardiology practice founded by Michael T. Morris II, MD and Faye Vargas Morris, MD in 2012. Atlanta Vanguard is dedicated to supporting and empowering its community members to uplift and contribute to the wellbeing of its community. 

Visit The Anca Group's Portfolio for more on Atlanta Vanguard Medical Associates.

Every Woman Wellness

Women's Health & Wellness Center - New York City, NY

Every Woman Wellness is an integrated gynecology practice and medical spa dedicated to helping its women live, look, and feel their best. Founded by Juana L. Cuevas, MD, Lissette Lugo, MD, and Monica Simons, MD in 2013, Every Woman Wellness offers aesthetic treatments, gynecological care, and complementary services.

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Nationwide Diagnostic Subspecialty Radiology Practice - Deerfield Beach, FL

NationalRad is one of the nation's leading subspecialty radiology practices lead by partners Michael B. Zlatkin, MD, FRCPC, Cary J. Hoffman, MD, and Timothy G. Sanders, MD. NationalRad employs internationally recognized and respected musculoskeletal radiologists, neuroradiologists, body radiologists, and nuclear medicine specialists to provide advanced subspecialty diagnostic radiology to its clients. NationalRad also provides its clients advanced diagnostic imaging services, information technology (IT) solutions, and performance improvement and quality assurance measures. 

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Neurology, Psychiatry and Balance Therapy Center (NPBTC)

Neurology, Psychiatry, Physical Therapy & Vestibular Therapy Practice - Blue Bell, PA

Neurology, Psychiatry and Balance Therapy Center is an integrated neurology, psychiatry, physical therapy, and vestibular therapy practice founded by Sonya Knight, DO, a neurologist and psychiatrist, and James Barsky, PT, DPT, in 2012. NPBTC specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological, psychiatric, and musculoskeletal conditions such as seizures, dizziness, vertigo, imbalance, and concussion.

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Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Center

Pediatric Neurology & Speech, Occupational & Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy Practice - Chesterfield, MO

Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Center is a practice for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), concussion syndrome, and developmental delay. Founded by Avi Domnitz-Gebet, DO, a pediatric neurologist, in 2013, the practice's tagline says it all: A Place Where Children Can Blossom.

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Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

Multiple Sclerosis Practice - Salt Lake City, UT

Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Clinic was founded by John F. Foley, MD, a world-renown neurologist and multiple sclerosis (MS) expert, in 2005 to help patients with MS lead healthy and productive lives. 

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Skyview Family Medicine

Family Medicine Practice - Gainesville, VA

Skyview Family Medicine was founded by Julia Bruce, MD and April Gentry, C-FNP in 2013 to deliver 'Family Medicine as It Should Be', in a small, friendly practice setting with personalized care and phones that are always answered by a person, not a machine.

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Teens & Tots Pediatrics

Pediatric Practice - West Boylston, MA

Teens & Tots Pediatrics was founded by Rosita Rincon, MD in 2012 to care for infants, children, and teens in and around the small New England community of West Boylston, MA. 

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Medical Practice Client Work

The Anca Group performs comprehensive branding and marketing work for its medical practice clients, including:

  • Brand Development - Tangible & Intangible
  • Customer (Patient) Experience Strategy & Planning
  • Market Research 
  • Marketing Strategy & Marketing Plan Development
  • Tactical Marketing Plan Execution - Online & Offline 

To learn more about The Anca Group's branding and marketing work, please visit The Anca Group's Work. For more information pertaining specifically to The Anca Group's medical devices and diagnostics client work, please Contact Ashley Libby at The Anca Group

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