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Why hip? Our founder, Ashley L. Libby, had already made the commitment to healthcare by the age of 10. Watching her stepfather battle with orthopaedic and neurological complications stemming from two lumbar-spine vertebral fractures and the endless efforts of his orthopaedic team to make him comfortable and functional, Ashley knew a career in healthcare of some shape or form was for her.

In 2007, Ashley had a traumatic accident at her family home in Vermont after a long day of skiing and suffered with a debilitating hip injury and condition for a year until she met Bryan T. Kelly, MD at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. Within a couple of weeks, in early 2009, Dr. Kelly performed a major hip arthroscopy procedure on Ashley's left hip, leaving Ashley in bed to recover for over a month.

After months of therapy and rehabilitation, Ashley finally regained function in her hip and was slowly able to return to the sports and activities she loves so much. In early 2010, Ashley jumped back on her alpine skis and started training for long-distance triathlons, and later that same year, she completed her first Half Ironman and marathon thanks to the outstanding work and care of Dr. Kelly and her healthcare team.

When Ashley founded The Anca Group in 2011, she wanted to honor her own experience, as well as show her commitment to healthcare and to helping those medical professionals and organizations who help all of us patients in need so much, by naming her company after the Italian word for hip. Hence, The Anca Group was born. 


What Makes Us Tick?

  • Strong, connected brands that resonate!
  • Bold marketing strategies that exceed expectations!
  • Growing successful organizations!
  • People! People! People! 


Our Purpose

To share our business, branding, and marketing insights, knowledge, and thinking to help people achieve their goals and organizations soar.


To have an ever-growing list of happy, thriving clients, who in turn, have an ever-growing list of happy, thriving patients and customers.


What Drives Us?

  • Work
  • Energy!
  • Creativity
  • Questions?
  • Health + Wellness
  • Laughter
  • Learning
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